Intuitive Coaching and Energy Healing

Amy Gregg offers virtual intuitive coaching combined with energy healing to clients looking to align with their soul purpose, overcome limiting beliefs, and advance in their lives in a fulfilling and soulful way. While located in New England, Amy offers remote sessions to clients worldwide. If you are looking for intuitively guided support and healing, Amy’s intuitive coaching services are designed to empower you in your journey forward.

Intuitive coaching combined with energy healing involves identifying and transforming the spiritual, mental, emotional, and physical causes of challenges in an individual’s life. Through healing and transforming on all of these levels, individuals are able to align with their highest potential. The resulting growth and positive change experienced is exponentially larger and longer-lasting than simply making surface-level physical changes that are typically suggested through other forms of coaching. Intuitive coaching is a form of energy healing itself, as it involves accessing higher guidance and working on the energetic blueprint level to affect change and guide healing toward the client’s goals and intentions. The growth achieved through intuitive coaching and energy healing techniques are long-lasting and occurs at an accelerated rate that leads to higher levels of empowerment, expansion, and fulfillment.

Intuitive coaching is ideal for those who are ready to heal, grow, and advance in their life, and who are willing to put in the work and effort necessary to make shifts in unhealthy patterns, heal trauma and limiting belief patterns, and release difficult emotions in order to live a more fulfilling, abundant, and happy life. Those seeking to know themselves better, make positive and lasting change, align with their soul’s mission, and access deeper and more authentic parts of themselves are well suited to work with an intuitive coach.

Ultimately we are all our own healers. However, we all need support, reminders of our innate inner wisdom, and guidance as we move through our healing process. A trained energy healer and intuitive coach can assist and guide individuals to help this process occur with ease and grace.

“Amy is one of the most intuitive and skilled healers i have worked with. She embodies love and the highest intentions in every moment, both in her work and personal interactions. She is a true healer in every sense of the word.”

Anya Goode, M.Sc. – Author of Awakening Your Soul’s Truth